How To Build An eLearning Platform

eLearning App Development: How To Build An eLearning Platform
Summary: Building an eLearning platform requires careful planning and execution. Here's a summary of the steps involved in eLearning app development.

eLearning App Development: An All-Inclusive Guide

The emergence of eLearning has brought a transformational change in the education sector and its activity. Earlier education was imparted in a classroom where both teachers and students were present at the same place. But with the emergence of eLearning apps, this scenario has changed completely. Now students and teachers need not be present in the same place; they can interact with each other through an application using their smartphones while sitting at their homes. The eLearning apps have helped eliminate locational constraints and enhanced learning and interaction. If you are planning to enter the eLearning business, you need a feature-rich and tech-savvy eLearning app that can help connect teachers and students. The article will guide you through the eLearning app development process.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs An eLearning Platform

An eLearning app will help your business establish its footprint in the eLearning industry. Are you confused about why your business needs an eLearning app? Well, here are a few reasons:

1. Flexibility

The eLearning apps make the process very flexible for both teachers and students. The teachers can schedule the classes as per their availability. Also, the students can choose their class schedule and even watch recorded lectures in case they missed the class.

2. Cost-Effective

In conventional learning, you need to spend on a classroom setup and incur other expenses like electricity, maintenance and buying furniture, rent, etc. But in the case of eLearning platforms, there are no such expenses. You just need an eLearning platform and can easily manage everything there. This makes it a cost-effective option for your business.

3. Enhanced Retention Rates

These days the level of competition in the eLearning industry has increased to a high level. Therefore, it is not easy for businesses to retain their customers for long. An eLearning platform equipped with the latest and superior quality study material can help your business maintain its customer base.

4. Enhanced Learning Experience

The major goal of every eLearning business is to provide an unmatched learning experience to the students. The eLearning app can help in achieving this dream. The platform provides multiple teaching aids that can help your instructors in providing the best teaching quality to the students. This will help to enhance your business image in the market.

Step-by-Step Guide To eLearning App Development

By getting an eLearning platform, you can take your eLearning business to greater heights. Have you made up your mind regarding the development of an eLearning platform for your business? Well, here is a step-by-step process you need to follow:

1. Get A Business Idea

When you start any new business, you need to have a business idea in mind. The business idea should be based on intensive market research and the latest market trends. In the case of the eLearning business, you need to check which businesses are already operating in this industry and what type of platforms they possess. This will help you get a unique and profitable idea for your eLearning business. Make sure the business idea is feasible and could prove to be beneficial for your business growth.

2. Find A Reputed eLearning App Development Company

Once you have a clear business idea in your mind, the next thing you need to do is to search for a reputed eLearning app development company that can design a feature-rich eLearning app for you. When you are looking for a reputed app development company, you need to consider the following factors while making your choice:

  • The experience level of the company in eLearning app development.
  • The knowledge level of the app developers in eLearning app development.
  • Previous work experience of the company and the type of eLearning apps designed by the company.

3. Design And Development

Once you have finalized the eLearning app development company, discuss your business development needs with them. After analyzing your business development needs, the designers and developers will start working on the eLearning app development. The developers will determine which technology and development technique would be best suited for the app. When you hire an app development company, make sure you check the technology stack they are using and also check the experience of the company's development team. Discuss your design requirements with their design team and make sure your app has a unique design that will help the app gain popularity.

4. Testing Phase

Once the app is developed and the design has also been completed, the next thing to be done is to undertake testing of the eLearning application. This is done to ensure whether the app is working properly or if there are any bugs in the app or not. If there are such bugs, they will be removed. The testing should be done in a proper manner and using efficient tools. After that, a detailed report should be handed over to your business.

5. Deployment And Launch

After the testing phase is over and the result is positive, the app is launched in the market. During the launch of the app, all the necessary arrangements are made regarding the launch platform and the time, manner, and date of launch. Once the app is launched in the market, it is handed over to your business. The app, along with all the credentials and login details, is given to the business owner. Make sure to take all queries to the development company during the app deployment. Ask them all the questions you have in mind regarding the function of the app.

6. 360-Degree App Marketing

Once the app is launched and handed over to the client, the marketing of the application is planned. During the marketing services, the app is promoted through multiple social media platforms, such as Facebook, Linkedin, and other social media channels. App marketing must be done properly by considering the latest marketing trends and platforms available. During the marketing of the app, you must discuss your marketing ideas with the team.

7. App Support And Maintenance

After the app is marketed and gets a good market response, the app development company will undertake the support and maintenance of the eLearning app. They will check the new features that can be added to enhance the app's function. This will help to enhance the customer's User Experience. The app needs a good level of maintenance in order to function efficiently. The experienced and tech-savvy development team will fix the issues occurring in the app from time to time.

Must-Have Features Of eLearning Platforms

After understanding the development process of eLearning platforms, you need to know a few must-have features that your eLearning platform should possess:

For Students

Students are an important component of the eLearning platforms, Here are some features that will make eLearning platforms popular amongst students:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly learner interface
    The interface of the app should be intuitive and user-friendly. The learners should easily find what they are looking for with a few clicks.
  • Social learning tools
    The platform should have social learning tools that facilitate learners to engage in discussions and give them a chance to socialize.
  • Assessments and feedback
    The learners should have a chance to check their knowledge and learning progress by taking assessments and tests on a regular basis.

For Teachers

The teachers are also an important part of the eLearning platform and help in the functioning of the platform. Here are a few features the platform must-have for the teachers working with them:

  • Content security
    The content posted by the teachers should be safe and secure from unauthorized people and copying attempts.
  • Video conferencing and chat options
    The platform should have video conferencing and chat options through which teachers could connect with the students on a one-to-one basis.
  • Flexibility
    The platform should facilitate teachers to schedule their class time themselves according to their availability.

Admin Panel Features

The admin will be the company who owns the application. Here are a few features the admin panel should have:

  • Easy to manage admin dashboard
    The admin dashboard should be designed in such a way that it will be easy to manage and could give the admin a clear idea about what is going on in the application.
  • Instant notifications
    The admin should get instant notifications whenever a new member gets added to the eLearning app or whenever the users provide any feedback regarding the app.

Types Of eLearning Platforms You Can Choose From

There are different types of eLearning platforms depending upon the features and the learning environment they possess. Here are some of the trending eLearning platforms you can choose for your business:

1. Learning Management System

The Learning Management System is designed to successfully deliver educational courses, training programs, and other educational programs. Multiple features in an LMS make it best suited to host a training program online. Most Learning Management Systems are usually web-based. If you plan to enter the training services business, then the LMS would be a perfect platform for your business. The system is very easy to use and will help your business design the best training programs and courses.

2. Virtual Classroom Software

This is the most widely used eLearning platform that facilitates the development of virtual classes where teachers and students can interact with each other. The virtual classrooms are designed in a tech-savvy manner and equipped with multiple options such as video conferencing, screen sharing, audio and video sharing, chat options, hand raising, and other options. If you wish to start a coaching institute, this platform will be very helpful for your business. You can conduct online classes through the platform and establish yourself as a renowned coaching service provider.

3. Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

As the name suggests, it is a place where a large number of online courses are available on multiple topics. The students need not give any test or interview to get access to a particular course. They simply need to browse the platform and choose the course they want to undertake. These platforms are very popular these days. They help students gain knowledge about various topics. The courses are divided into different modules and equipped with mock tests and doubt sessions to enhance the students' learning experience.

4. Collaborative eLearning Platforms

These are learning platforms that facilitate group learning among the students. On these platforms, students can create different groups or forums where they can share knowledge, solve queries and discuss ongoing topics. They are student-centric in nature. These platforms are very trendy nowadays and can help your business get a higher position in the market.

The Bottom Line

These were some basic details about eLearning apps you need to know. You need to find a reputed eLearning app development service provider who could provide the best development services. Make sure the app is unique and has the best features.