7 Tips To Use Customer Training Software To Expand Your Online Presence

7 Tips To Use Customer Training Software To Expand Your Online Presence And Build Brand Awareness
Summary: Customer training software can help you keep customers in the know. But were you aware that it can also allow you to establish a thriving online presence?

Fundamental Tips To Leverage Customer Training Software

One of the perks of investing in customer training solutions is that consumers get to know your products and services on their own. You don’t have to devote as many resources to help them utilize the device, or set up the app or maintain their new household appliance, as online support tools do the heavy work for you. If they’re properly designed and maintained, that is. Still, there’s another advantage that many organizations overlook. Below are 7 tips to use customer training software to expand your online presence and boost brand awareness.

7 Ways To Boost Brand Awareness

1. Host Online Meet-And-greets That Put A Face To The Name (Or Brand)

People like to know that there’s actually a real, live person behind the brand persona. One of the best ways to build awareness and expand your online reach is to host live meet-and-greets. It might be with the company CEO who shares insights about your origins or one of your sales specialists who can offer tips to choose the right product or service. Be sure to choose customer training software that supports video conferencing so that you can host these engaging webinars, as well as record them and post them in your customer training LMS repository for later viewing.

2. Upload Serious Games To Drive Engagement And Online Expansion

Develop serious games that instill product knowledge and improve brand awareness more subtly. For instance, users must progress through levels to reach their destination. Along the way, they learn about each feature your product has to offer and how it ties into real-world problems. Customers are more likely to access these serious games than traditional marketing materials. Plus, loyal consumers can use them to get even more benefits from your products post-purchase.

3. Produce Training Videos That Are Instantly Shareable

Every marketing pro hopes that at least one of their videos will go viral. That a single idea can spark an online revolution (of sorts) that instantly catapults their brand into the spotlight. Traditional training videos might not be the most awe-inspiring, but you can make them more shareable. For example, add background music, audio narrations, and high-quality graphics to enhance the production value. In terms of content, aim at practical challenges that appeal to a wider audience, as well as characters that are relatable and memorable but not to the point that they distract from your products or services.

4. Create Product Demos With Heart

Product demos don’t have to be dry and dull showcases that feature hand models solely. The other end of the spectrum is gimmicky infomercials that make customers roll their eyes and click away. The secret to expanding your online presence is to meet somewhere in the middle. Upload demos to your customer training software that show off your product’s features and perks but also tug at customers’ heartstrings. Foster emotional connectivity by focusing on a challenge they face or incorporating thought-provoking characters.

5. Pair Training Infographics With Social Media Sharing Invites

Most of us have seen our fair share of infographics over the years. However, we don’t usually share them. It’s not because they aren’t well-designed or offer real-world value. The truth is that it doesn’t even occur to us that someone else might benefit from it. You can enhance your online presence and brand awareness by including social media icons in your infographics. For example, add a usage instruction infographic to your library and encourage customers to share it on their Facebook page.

6. Launch A Certification Program To Attract New Prospects

One of the oft-overlooked brand-boosting strategies is to provide free certification programs to attract new customers. A customer training platform gives you the ability to launch skill-based or product knowledge certification courses. Prospects get to brush up on their talents or become full-fledged product experts. In turn, you expand your reach and gain new brand ambassadors. It may require an up-front investment, as you have to develop content, create certificates and maintain the program. However, you’re able to enhance the overall value of your customer training course and bring new consumers into the fold, and on a much grander scale than simply offering printable manuals or quick promo videos.

7. Gamify The Experience To Reach Beyond Your Niche Audience

You probably already use game mechanics in your online training strategy to increase employee engagement. Your customers can also benefit from these gamification incentives. As an example, they earn points that they can put toward exclusive training resources or free product upgrades. Or add another badge to their display case or post on their social media profile. Gamification allows you to expand your reach and appeal to consumers outside your core demographic. This is due to the fact that these rewards get them through the virtual door. They may sign up for your training because they want to earn a badge they can show off to their online peers or to prove they have what it takes to reach the #1 spot on the leaderboard. They learn about your brand in the process and end up purchasing your products once they understand the benefits.


Educating consumers is just one aspect of customer training. However, it’s also a cost-effective way to expand your reach and get your fair share of the market. Host online events, produce videos that go viral, and gamify resources to boost engagement. The key is to give consumers (and prospects) a platform to interact with your brand and explore what you have to offer, as well as provide them with the support tools they need to optimize ownership perks.

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