I was living in Multan (Punjab, Pakistan) at my mother’s home with my parents, 3 brothers & 5 sisters. My youngest maternal uncle (mamu) was living in Karachi having no alive son. He adopted me in 1958 & took me his home. I’d been suffering with vitiligo on July 05, 1962 (Till June 25, 1973) while in Lahore for a week. My 1st checkup made in CMH Lahore & last in Karachi at clinic of Pakistan’s then senior most skin specialist. There I become proved known why Vitiligo cure not available in whole world. I was sent back to my parents & was refused to get marry with his daughter. Later he granted me 10 years’ time for my conditional cure to marry.

A name of Trust in Vitiligo Cure & its Prevention Worldwide



My MGF (Maternal Grand Father) Prophet MOHAMMED (Peace Be upon Him) was born in AD 570 & died in AD 632.

Since then my grand forefather were in big trouble. Most of them were killed, rest were being insulted by non-SYED groups (anti ALI & anti Mohammad Groups) who had taken over Arabian power (Islamic govt.) & later become Arabian rulers (still they are). They strongly wished to keep my grand forefathers away forever from Arabian power (Islamic govt.). They programmed to stable their kingship forever as my grand forefathers were paternal grandsons of ALI (greatest Islamic warrior for his cousins and father in-law, Prophet MOHAMMED) & were maternal grandsons of Prophet MOHAMMED, so that were being forced to leave Arabia forever, that is why they were being killed & insulted.

Most of my living forefathers were migrated to Iran & IRAQ, few to SYRIA & Afghanistan and remain to India. My forefathers left their homeland Madina (oldest City in Arabia) forever & traveled by ship from “Jeddah” to India.

They landed Bombay Seaport in April 1792 & settled at a village “nehtaur” in united province (UP) My forefather including whole “ZAIDI” tribe ever had their best time year 610 to 632 in Arabia & April 1792 to Sept.16,1947 in INDIA. My physical birth was placed on Nov. 24, 1940 at “Mubarik Mehel” Mohalla Sadaat, town nehtaur, district bijnaur, united provinces (UP) that palace was owned by my mother’s father “raees-e-bijnaur” Nawab Syed Naqi Haider Zaidi. For many years earlier, all 3 brothers of my mother were living with their families in Montgomery, Multan & Karachi. After Pakistan erected, they used to call-on my parents for every day one hour daily (on air by radio Pakistan in Karachi). after one month my parents, me & my all 3 sisters went to “Aligarh” by train stayed there a day with my cousin’s family and next day flew to Bombay, stayed in a hotel near Airport, next morning flew to Karachi, Landed in Pakistan on Sept.16,1947. A Week later, we settled in multan Cantt at a 12 Marla purchased House (3608 Railway Road). I left multan on Feb.21, 1982 by train to be settled at Karachi in favour of my Patients abroad, Specially Saudi Arabians from SYED AFZAL SHAH Karachi.


I found vitiligo my biggest enemy that’s why I became vitiligo’s enemy. Vitiligo made me alive dead-man, that’s why my life mission is to finish vitiligo on earth. All-Mighty God made it easiest for me. I do know scientific based all real causes of vitiligo, where it born in human body, how to finish it by root (not again for whole life). Moreover, I do know how to be prevented from vitiligo. Its 100% cureable (only by me) if it’s less than 40 years old & even 1% natural skin color yet remain, Vitiligo is curable. If vitiligo newly started (a small patch having no treatment yet taken, only a few days are enough to be complete cured. Vitiligo is NOT a disease as it doesn’t affect physical efficiency. It’s NOT a skin disorder as it born in blood, skin is vitiligo’s destination. Vitiligo is a cosmetic social problem, especially for colored people. I don’t know vitiligo at all as I’m still learning even having 53 years of vitiligo experience but it’s bitter fact that i know vitiligo at maximum among all dead & alive people. Other than me, there’s no perfect cure of vitiligo by all 6 treatment methods: medical science, homeopathy, herbal system, acupuncture, readings from all religions & magics.In all above given six methods I found even no scientific based causes on vitiligo.