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It’s NOT disease as it doesn’t affect physical efficiency. It’s NOT skin disorder or problem as being produced in blood, skin is its destination including humans all creatures (Seabed, Water, Underland, Overland, Air) have a natural process of color pigmentation. Lever produces blood, blood’s red cells produce skin color, and this process runs birth to death. Without color pigmentation, skin color is white such as albino humans & animals. If lever or blood affects, de’color pigmentation starts.
At first, very small white patch appears, starts spreading, appearing more patches. Vitiligo mostly spreads towards upside. It can be spread up-to 99% of body stop spreading IS fully under control of Vitiligo sufferers.
No, no scientific based (real) knowledge at sufferers’ treaters.
If it’s less than 40 years old(alias blooded) & spread even 99% of body, is surely cure ‘able(only by me)with NO bad side effect, suitable to all blood groups, all patches remove, regain natural skin color on all patches, not again for whole life even any food taken. I’m working on oldest vitiligo to be cured.75% succeeded but need 100% no age limit (max-min) for treatment. Checkup not necessary people cured by me, 95% of them never visited me as my strict temperaments.

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