My cure was most necessary among all vitiligo sufferers.

I could imagine my lonely & unsecured future for whole life, as i know myself at most. Moreover, I was facing insulting behavior of my father brother & sister, blood relatives, friends & all others especially religious people that they do not touch my towel, comb, crockery used up by me even no shake hand by all. It was extremely painful to my soul. I started avoid all gathering even not to be seen by any person, but my loving mother. All this made me peevish, still I’m. It also brought disgust for low cast & low class people whom I named LCC (low cast & class). Till now i dislike to shake hand by any.

My education stopped after first & last failure at FA (fellow of arts).


I knew the God is invisible that’s why guidance from God come through human brain’s invisible ways which are two (dream & thought) i dreamed very few in whole life but all times at 7a.m. One day I dreamed: Uncountable Vitiligo sufferers stand before me in queue, all looking toward me. A person who leads talking to me but no voice just moving lips & looking at me. I got the way. I started long interviews of vitiligo sufferers getting their failed & current experiences of all treatments specially herbals. They talked about much many herbs but over 70% sufferers told for 2 main herbs, one cheap other expensive.


My object to know their failed & current treatment experiences of all methods to cross different herbs & keep experiments on Vitiligo sufferer volunteers or paid sufferers. Each sufferer has his treatment history that’s why big hope for knowing much more.


During visiting sufferers i searched for sufferer volunteers for experiments but i couldn’t find even paid person. I remember my mother said to me “why not yourself, scare? “, I replied “God doesn’t misguide any, why me” I do know that I’ll be cured as later next dream: i saw myself without vitiligo.



To invent an herbal compound having no bad side effect, 100% suitable to me, all patches remove; regain my natural skin color on all patches & not again for whole life. Started my scientific based research (only for me) to discover its real causes which can be proved by authentic labs & to invent a perfect cure. During my research time over, she got married to other man in 1972.

My research & self-experiments succeeded on June 25, 1973, the day i became complete cured for whole life. I’d omitted my father, all brothers & sisters, all blood-relatives & all others including all friends in 1972 for ever. I became all alone for whole life. Morally i became rude & strict, still same.


I found Vitiligo my biggest enemy that’s why i became Vitiligo enemy. Vitiligo made me alive dead-man, that’s why my life mission is to finish Vitiligo on earth. All-Mighty God made it easiest for me.

I do know scientific based all real cause of Vitiligo, where it is born in human body? How to finish it by root (not again for whole life). Moreover, i do know how to be prevented from vitiligo.

It’s 100% cure’ able(only by me)if it’s less than 40 years old & even 1% natural skin color yet remain, If Vitiligo newly started (a small patch having no treatment yet taken, only a few days are enough to be complete cured.

Vitiligo is NOT a disease as it doesn’t affect physical efficiency. It’s NOT a skin disorder as it born in blood, skin is Vitiligo’s destination. Vitiligo is a cosmetic social problem, especially for colored people. I don’t know Vitiligo at all as I’m still learning even having 53 years of Vitiligo experience but it’s bitter fact that I know Vitiligo at maximum among all dead & alive people. Other me, there’s no perfect cure of Vitiligo by all 6 treatment methods: medical science, homeopathy, herbal system, acupuncture, readings from all religions & magic’s; I found even no scientific based causes on Vitiligo.



Black, brown, pale, copper, white. WHITE PATCHS ON HUMAN SKIN leprosy, leucoderma (vitiligo), lack of calcium (fungus). All 3 white patches related each other. Lack of calcium can be converting to vitiligo, after some treatments, I saw many cases. Vitiligo can be converting to leprosy; I saw 1 case in 1975. LACK OF CALCIUM: SYMPTOMS & INFO many small patches on neck, arms, chest & back below shoulders color not entirely white, can say whitish brown or brownish white. It Seasonal, stands 6 months at max but re appear same reason yearly.


It is worst skin disease touch. Starts on edges eyelids, ears, nose, lips, fingers tips of hands & feet, male & female organs. Affected parts become dead, later drop away. Over 2000 years ago the leprosy sufferers by his heavenly powers. Modern medical science has its cure (just stop growing) no germinate lost organs.


Unlike lep & loc, its starting parts not fix, can appear anywhere on body, mostly male & female organs, easy appearing on hurt, blow, wound, burn etc. Affected skin becomes extremely unhealthy & very thin, usual scratch makes wound, which is infective (not vitiligo) to others by touch. Vitiligo has NO germs that are why it’s NOT infective. It’s NOT disease as it doesn’t affect physical efficiency. It’s NOT skin disorder or problem as being produced in blood, skin is its destination including humans all creatures (Seabed, Water, Underland, Overland, Air) have a natural process of color pigmentation. Lever produces blood, blood, s red cells produce skin color, and this process runs birth to death. Without color pigmentation, skin color is white such as albino humans & animals. If lever or blood affects, de’color pigmentation starts. Skin NOT becomes all white as nil pigmentational is always by birth (not after). At first, very small white patch appears, starts spreading, appearing more patches. Vitiligo mostly spreads towards upside. It can be spread up-to 99% of body stop spreading IS Fully under control of Vitiligo sufferers, but no scientific based (real) knowledge at sufferers’ treaters. See SPREADING CAUSES. If injected to become all white, new problems start at extreme, whole skin becomes very thin. Usual scratch becomes wound. Summer seasons in hot areas bring more problems, skin burn & needles prick feelings etc. Then NO way back even by me, as color pigmentation process no more for whole life.


Affected skin becomes very thin, usual scratch makes wound. Often itch before & after appear patches. This itch is painful. If appears on eyelid, vision becomes weak. If appears on male organ (p) specific male power decrease.


If stop antibiotics, x-ray, dairy products & that specific meat then vitiligo stops growing but hurt, blow, scratch, mental shock & others causes spreading & new patches.


No antibiotics access usage, no x-rays above 6 at a time, no getting blood of vitiligo sufferer, no having that specific unnatural meat & using my invented medicine just for 60 days.


If it’s less than 40 years old(alias blooded) & spread even 99% of body, is surely cure ‘able(only by me)with NO bad side effect, suitable to all blood groups, all patches remove, regain natural skin color on all patches, not again for whole life even any food taken. I’m working on oldest vitiligo to be cured.75% succeeded but need 100% no age limit (max-min) for treatment. Checkup not necessary people cured by me, 95% of them never visited me as my strict temperaments.


Compound of 92% water by weight & rest of composed protein, nutrients, electrolytes, wastes & dissolved gases. BLOOD CIRCULATION circulatory system does blood transportation throughout body by microscopic tunnels (tubes) named blood vessels, which are majorly 3 types of their work: “arteries”, “capillaries” & “veins”. Arteries carry blood away from heart, Capillaries enable actual exchange of water & chemicals between blood & tissues, Veins carry blood from Capillaries back toward heart. BLOOD JOURNEY from heart to heart is 62,000 miles long. I named it ZJ (zigzag journey). VITILIGO BIRTH access heat in lever or blood disturbs CPP (color pigmentation process), pigmentation process goes reverse, de’coloring enable blood travels by vessels (arteries, capillaries, veins) throughout body. On outer skin where pores are dead or weak causing hurt, blow, wound, cut, burn etc. Easy door to vitiligo come out, as no/less obstacle. After birth vitiligo has to reach open air (skin upper layer) because CAPILLARIES (vessel) becomes uneasy, can’t keep this/any unnatural thing, and has to go out. BRAIN LISTENING CALLS my brain often listen two painy calls: “nature made me to actual exchange of water & chemicals between blood & tissues, what this strange thing with me? Pushing out of here”. Other call more painy “I’m neither natural nor self-made, why human made & sent me 62000 miles away, coming to master”.