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Christina Pavlou is the Content Marketing Manager at Epignosis, the company that develops premium eLearning tools and helps build successful teams across the world. She's interested in learning & development, diversity, employee well-being, and how to make the workplace a better place.
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January 31, 2023 | Sponsored

4 Essential Skills For The Digital Era

The rapid progress of digital transformation across industries has expanded the list of necessary digital skills for work. Learn why now is the time to reconsider your digital skills training and which skills are essential to keep your teams competitive.
October 12, 2022 | Sponsored

Soft Skills Vs. Hard Skills: What Matters The Most?

An effective and adaptable workforce needs both soft skills and hard skills. But how and when should you train for each? Learn the difference between the two, how they benefit your employees and your company, and how to best incorporate soft skills and hard skills training into your L&D strategy.